Who’s Got Time to Sleep? 3/13/19

See how many of these things you can do in the next 7 days.

1. Go to sleep and wake up at about the same times every day.
2. Make your bedroom dark, quiet, and comfy.
3. Try to get 7-8 hours of shut-eye per night.
4. Don’t eat a big meal close to your bedtime.
5. Get up and read a book if you can’t sleep.
6. Take your computer and TV out of your bedroom.
7. Put your smartphone in a drawer, so the screen light doesn’t keep you up.
8. Try not to nap.
9. Avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime.
10. Exercise most days this week. Do it early in the day if you find that later workouts hamper your sleep.
11. Start a sleep diary. Write down how well and how long you rest.
12. Don’t drink alcohol at night.
13. Talk with your doctor about any sleep problems you often have.