Keep Calm & Exercise – 5/8/19

This week’s challenge is to find that thing, or those things that you really enjoy and makes you happy. When you begin to feel stressed out, anxious or depressed, stop what you’re doing and do that “thing” that brings you happiness. Take that time to clear your mind, regroup and refocus.

Below are other treatment and preventative options for dealing with stress, anxiety and/or depression. 

  • Treatment options – (63.1% of the people suffering from anxiety, do not receive treatment for this disorder)  
    • Self-treatment – As always consult with your doctor before “self-treatment”  
      • Exercise – 2.5 hours of a moderate activity or 1.25 hours of a vigorous activity a week – For either of these you can visit or  We are definitely here to help you all in anyway we can.
    • Counseling and therapy – Group meetings or one-on-one talks with a professional.  The VA has a lot of these groups/therapies for all of my veterans listening. Also, for my fellow vets there is 1.800.273.8255 and for everyone else, there is 1.888.359.5039 or 1.844.549.4266
    • Medication – Consult with doctor before taking any medication
  • Prevention – (One prevention references a previous show that we did a while ago)
    • Sleep; getting regular sleep can help prevent anxiety  
      • Although getting too much or too sleep is a symptom of depression