Current Challenge – Fit Fathers – 6/19/19

Each week after our show airs, we invite you to come back over to this page and Take the Challenge! Based on our show topic we are going to challenge you do SOMETHING! It may be something that you’ve never done before. It may be something that you haven’t done in a while. We want you to make it a habit of doing SOMETHING every day or every week to improve your health and fitness. Remember, your life and health is not just a fad or a “thing” you do on special occasions. It’s a LIFESTYLE!

Be Great Guys

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Harold Logan III has been working as a healthy living coach and personal trainer for over 3 years. He provides Team Building Workshops, 1 on 1, group, and couple’s coaching. His educational background in Culinary Arts and Beverage Science from Johnson & Wales University, backed with being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer has given him a unique baseline from which to approach many health and wellness goals for his clients. Harold’s skills may be confirmed independently on his social media platforms: @facebook/haroldlogan, @instagram/haroldloganiii and business website, He especially enjoys creating personalized “Mindset Re-shifting Programs”, for individuals who are changing their sights away from being victims to food and unhealthy habits to becoming in charge of taking back their healthy lives- no matter their physical capabilities. You may learn more about Harold’s services at