NuView Life Sciences

NuView Life Sciences presents groundbreaking cancer confirmatory tests that help reduce both false positives and invasive cancer screening procedures. Their product, the NV-VPAC1 Diagnostic test is a confirmatory test. It can also be used therapeutically in combination with a PET scan and is performed before a patient undergoes a biopsy. This helps decrease patient anxiety/depression, false positive/negative diagnoses and helps decrease the healthcare costs of unnecessary biopsies.

NuView Life Sciences current clinical trial’s focus is the detection of shed prostate cancer cells found in voided urine specimens. They are preparing to launch the last assay trial of approximately 600 patients in 12 institutions nationwide to utilize for FDA application and CMS reimbursement approval submission. NuView’s goal is to introduce a first-of-kind, first-to-market, confirmatory oncology test prior to tissue or other liquid biopsies. NuView wants to break the mold of traditional cancer testing to provide better options for patients and physicians alike.

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